Welcome. I am an academic editor with extensive experience editing journal articles, policy reports, dissertations, and book manuscripts. I work at the World Bank’s Development Impact Evaluation department, where I use my editing and writing skills to make impact evaluation accessible to policy makers, donors, and the public.

In 2019, I graduated with a Sociology Ph.D from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. My research has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals as well as non-academic outlets including the cutting-edge social science research magazine Contexts.

My research has been featured by the World Economic Forum, Vox, Fox News, CNN, NBC News, MSN News, and The Independent.

I have provided work products for graduate students, state agencies, professors, and nonprofits. The testimonials below reflect my editing and research skills (see Additional Services).SaveSave

Hire Dr. Frankham and you’ll get much more than a conventional editor. You’ll get a highly collaborative and exceptionally well-trained social scientist. Stretch your budget; she’s worth it.

Adolf Gundersen, Research Director
Interactivity Foundation 

Emma collaborated with me during her doctoral program on a secondary data analysis project; she was responsible for leading all data management and analysis activities. She was superb to work with and was always timely, organized, thorough, and thoughtful!

Pajarita Charles, Assistant Professor School of Social Work University of Wisconsin–Madison

Emma is skilled in managing and analyzing data and in resolving methodological issues. She writes well for both academic and non-academic audiences. Additionally, she is organized, focuses on results, and gets the work done on time.

Pamela Oliver, Conway-Bascom Professor of Sociology University of Wisconsin–Madison

Emma worked with me as a research and public service center assistant and continually impressed me with her research, organizational, problem-solving, and people skills. She tackled every task with high competence and professionalism, and taught me a great deal in return.

Kathy Cramer, Natalie C. Holton Chair of Letters & Science Professor of Political Science University of Wisconsin-Madison

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