Additional Services

In addition to editing, I provide methodological and statistical consultancy. I have experience analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data, ranging from content analyses of newspaper articles to statistical analyses of multi-state, longitudinal survey data. I can advise you on the following: research design and data collection methods; data exploration; the construction of appropriate statistical models; and the interpretation of your findings. You can get a sense of my methodological and substantive expertise from my research publications, listed below.

Selected Publications

Charles, Pajarita, Emma Frankham, Rachel C. Garthe, Christy A. Visher, and Anna L. Kay. Forthcoming. “Father Involvement in the First Year After Prison: Considerations for Social Work Intervention Research.” Research on Social Work Practice.

Frankham, Emma, Christopher Jacobi, and Brandon Vaidyanathan. 2021. “Race, Trust in Police, and Mental Health Crisis Support.” Contexts 20(3): 60–62.

Frankham, Emma. 2020. “Victim or Villain? Racial/ethnic Differences in News Portrayals of Persons with Mental Illness Killed by Police.” The Sociological Quarterly 61(2):231–253.

Frankham, Emma. 2019. “A Modified Framework for Identifying Stigma: News Coverage of Persons With Mental Illness Killed by Police.” Stigma and Health 4(1):62–71.

Frankham, Emma and Michael Massoglia. 2018. “County Performance and the Role of Incarceration.” Report prepared for the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.

Frankham, Emma. 2018. “Mental Illness Affects Police Fatal Shootings.” Contexts 17(2):70–72.

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